White Moose Ranch has used Blatzie’s Backhoe over the past 40 years or so for our spring renovations, stock waterer installations and repair and our general excavation work . We continue to use them because their work is always done as best as it can be with skill and care. If for any reason there is a problem, they stand behind their work without discussion or debate. That kind of warranty is valuable to us in running a ranch because sometimes things go wrong at -30 degrees but Blatzie fixes the problem regardless of the conditions.

Stan Carscallen

Barrister & Solicitor, Carscallen LLP

The OH Ranch has been under the stewardship of the Calgary Stampede since 2012. During this time, we have used the services of Blatzie’s Backhoe Services Ltd for major projects on the ranch which include, spring development, waterline installation & repairs, cistern installation, road work and many additional jobs that required skilled backhoe work. Blatzie’s team has always provided professional, quality workmanship.

Prior to the Stampede taking over the OH Ranch, Doc Seaman, previous owner, also used Blatzie’s services for a number of ranch projects so there’s a long history between Blatzie and the OH Ranch. It’s a pleasure to work with knowledgeable, friendly people that go above and beyond the scope of work. Thanks Wayne and Steve!

Deb and Ken Pigeon

OH Ranch Calgary Stampede